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i love the jonas brothers, hot chelle rae, taylor swift, The Wanted, demi lovato, one direction, hilary duff.

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Joe Jonas & Ansel Elgort during the 2014 U.S. Open in NY - [9/03] [x]

Harry out in Los Angeles - 2nd September 2014

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Seleção Brasileira arrive in Miami for friendly against Colombia

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Unknown photoshoot

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LA ~ 2/9

LA ~ 2/9

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  • eating chocolate does not trigger migraine headaches,
  • eating chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.
  • eating chocolate does not give someone acne or other skin eruptions,
  • eating chocolate boosts one’s appetite, but does not cause weight gain,
  • eating moderate amounts of chocolate makes one live almost a year longer,
  • eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers,
  • the sugar in chocolate may reduce stress, and have calming and pain relieving effect,
  • eating chocolate makes you feel better after a Dementor attack.

reblogging for the last fact

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I hate the word famous. It gives you no substance. It’s not like, oh that guy was really nice, or that guy was funny. It’s, oh he was famous. And I just think that– it’s just weird. I hate it.

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100 pictures of Zayn Malik challenge: 5/100

100 pictures of Zayn Malik challenge: 5/100